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  Risk Management
Assist individuals responsible for risk management and purchase of insurance for their organizations.|
  Litigation Support
Provide consultancy and expert witness expertise for litigation related to risk management and insurance.
  Agents and Brokers
Provide technical services, not insurance sales, to agents and brokers in their pursuit of excellent client service.
  Personal Risk Assist
A special insurance consulting service designed by Austin & Stanovich for high net worth individuals.

Litigation Support

Austin & Stanovich is an independent risk management consulting and insurance advisory company that does not sell insurance. We provide litigation support on a consultancy basis or as expert witness. Mr. Austin and Mr. Stanovich have extensive expert witness experience in state and federal courts throughout the USA. Engagements include disclosed and non-disclosed assignments and required a critical understanding of risk management practices and use of insurance from the standpoint of an insurer, insured, agent or broker.

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