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  Risk Management
Assist individuals responsible for risk management and purchase of insurance for their organizations.|
  Litigation Support
Provide consultancy and expert witness expertise for litigation related to risk management and insurance.
  Agents and Brokers
Provide technical services, not insurance sales, to agents and brokers in their pursuit of excellent client service.
  Personal Risk Assist
A special insurance consulting service designed by Austin & Stanovich for high net worth individuals.

Risk Management

Review, analyze and compare complex insurance programs
  Serve as an integral part of your management team as an outsourced risk manager
  Identify and assess your current and potential risk of loss
  Provide an objective and independent expert evaluation of your current insurance and risk program, including a written report containing specific findings and recommendations
  Develop alternate (non-insurance) methods of risk financing
  Assist in strategic planning to achieve long range risk management objectives
  Provide guidance during merger, acquisition and divestiture activities
  Develop comprehensive insurance bid specifications
  Manage the insurance bid process including interaction with agents and brokers
  Analyze insurance bids to determine which is best for your organization as well as the most cost effective
  Overview current loss prevention and loss mitigation processes
  Provide project management services to ensure critical processes are completed in a timely manner and consistent with overall needs
  Develop insurance and risk management education coursework for specific needs
  Provide expert witness and litigation support

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