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  Risk Management
Assist individuals responsible for risk management and purchase of insurance for their organizations.|
  Litigation Support
Provide consultancy and expert witness expertise for litigation related to risk management and insurance.
  Agents and Brokers
Provide technical services, not insurance sales, to agents and brokers in their pursuit of excellent client service.
  Personal Risk Assist
A special insurance consulting service designed by Austin & Stanovich for high net worth individuals.

  Interpreting Insurance Policies - When Courts Take Shortcuts
Additional Insured
  Additional Insured Issues 2016 Part One IRMI NEW
This article was first published on IRMI.com and is reprinted with permission.
  Additional Insured Issues 2016 Part Two IRMI NEW
This article was first published on IRMI.com and is reprinted with permission.
  Additional insured - After the Work is Done
  Additional Insured Endorsements - Which Apply?
  The Texas Supreme Court Decides the Insurance Dispute in the BP Oil Spill
  Commercial Auto Pollution Insurance
  Motor Carrier Act-MCS 90
Certificate of Insurance
  Certificates of Insurance a Look at the Basics
  Emerging Risk - Certificates of Insurance
Construction Risk
  Construction Defect Claims - An Update
  Construction Defects - Part 1 -
  Construction Defects - Part 2 -
  Construction Insurance Requirements - A Primer
  General Contractor or Construction Manager
  Insuring Construction
  Project Owners & Developers-Owners Interest Policies
  The Your Work Exclusion - A Curious View -
  Wrap-up Insurance Programs - Part One (February, 2013)
  Wrap Up Insurance Program - Part 2 -
  Crime - Getting More Out of the Policy - April 2010
  Crime Insurance - The Other Property Policy
  Analyzing Nonstandard Cyber/Privacy Insurance Policies
  Cyber/Privacy Insurance: Impaired subrogation = no coverage for insured?
  Cyber Risk-Data Damage and Destruction Beyond the Naked Eye
  First-Party Insurance for Cyber Risks
  Environmental Insurance for Contractors: More Possibilities Than May be Expected
General Liability
A High-Level View of the CGL Policy IRMI January 2010
  Additional Insured Changes in the CGL
  Additional Insured Endorsements - Part 1
  Additional Insured Endorsements - Part 2
  Additional Insured Endorsements - Part 3
  Additional Insured Endorsements - A Potential Minefield
  Additional Insured Status - Automatic  or Wet Blanket? - October 2011
  Auto v. Mobile Equipment in the CGL
  Auto v. Mobile Equipment - An Update (2004 CGL)
  Big Changes in Texas - Limitations on Indemnity and Additional Insured-
  Broad Form Property Damage - A Look Back-
  Care Custody and Control in the CGL Policy
  CGL Covered Locations
  CGL Insurance 2007 Edition Changes
  CGL - Policy Changes - December 2004
  The CGL Pollution Exclusion
  Claims-made CGL Policy
  Contractual Confusion-Assuming the Liability of Others
  Contractual Indemnification v. Additional Insured-
  Contractual Liability and the CGL Policy
  Contractual Liability Exclusion-The Ball is in your Court
  Coverage Gaps Created by Exclusionary Endorsements NEW
This article was first published on IRMI.com and is reprinted with permission.
  Discontinued Completed Operation Insurance 
  Discontinued Products Liability Insurance
  The Duty to Defend - Groundless False or Fraudulent
  Emerging Risk - The Additional Insured Dilemma
  Expected or Intended Exclusion - CGL
  Faulty Work and the CGL
  Fire Legal
  The Impaired Property Exclusion - April 2010
  The Hazards of Products and Completed Operations
  How the Limits Apply in the CGL Policy
  In Defense of Insured Contracts
  Is an Occurrence the Bodily Injury or Property Damage?
  Emerging Risk - The Additional Insured Dilemma
  The Increasingly Complex CGL Policy - IRMI - January 2011
  The ISO Classification System and the CGL Policy
  Known Injury or Damage
  Legal Separation - The Severability Test in the CGL
  Loss of Use as Property Damage NEW
This article was first published on IRMI.com and is reprinted with permission.
  The Montrose Endorsement - Fifteen Years Later - IRMI 2014
  OCP Liability versus Additional Insured Coverage
  Other Insurance and the CGL Policy
  Personal & Advertising Injury Coverage in the CGL
  Personal & Advertising Injury Exclusions
  Pollution Exclusion and Products-Competed Operations
  Punitive Damages-Setting an Example
  Primary and Noncontributory-
  Raising the Bar - the Liquor Exclusion
  Reimbursement of Defense Costs in CGL
  Selling Your Premises - Does CGL Coverage Apply After the Sale-
  Some Common Coverage Misconceptions of the CGL Policy
  Subrogation and the CGL Policy-
  The 2013 Edition of the CGL Policy-
  The CGL and the Professional Liability Exclusion -
  The Recall Expense Exclusion
  Trigger Theories and the CGL
  When Workers are not Employees
  Who is on First - Additional Insured and Order of Coverage
  When is an Insured Not an Insured -
  Additions and Extensions of Property Coverage: Not an Alternative to Exposure Identification
  Builders Risk Insurance
  Business Interruption - A Case Study
  Coinsurance in property insurance
  Equipment breakdown-more than just boiler and machinery
  Hurricanes, Tropical Depressions and Floods - Oh My!
  Important Property Considerations (contact William Austin for hardcopy)
  Insurable Interests in Property Insurance
  Landlord Tenants and the Subrogation Dilemma NEW
  Layered Property Insurance (contact William Austin for hardcopy)
  Limiting the interruption in business interruption insurance
  New Year Resolutions for Property Risk Management in 2009
  Pollution Events - an Insured Peril in Property Insurance
  Property Insurance Resolutions for 2010
  Property Valuation
  Supply Chain Exposures
  Utility Service Interruption: Another Aspect of Supply Chain Exposures
Umbrella/Excess Liability
  Commercial Umbrellas and the Demand for Primary and Noncontributory NEW
This article was first published on IRMI.com and is reprinted with permission.
  Commercial Umbrella-Stand Alone or Follow Form
Workers Compensation/Employer's Liability
  Third Party Over Claims Part 1
  Third Party Over Claims Part 2

A&S Newsletters
A Practice Update - Winter 2008
  Blackouts, Brownouts and Other Illuminations On Utility Interruption Insurance
  Casual Labor Issues
  College and University Risk Issues-February 2011
  Cyber/Privacy Insurance: Impaired subrogation = no coverage for insured?
  Emerging Risk - Certificates of Insurance
  Emerging Risk - Risk Management Resolutions
  Emerging Risk - Spitzer Sues Marsh
  Emerging Risk - The Additional Insured Dilemma
  Enterprise Risk - An Elementary Approach
  Planning - An Overlooked Risk Management Technique
  Real Estate Leases - Bursting with Risk
  The Hold Harmless Agreement - A Primer
  The Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002

"Taking a Broad View Handling Risk" Providence Business News - April 28 - May 4, 2008
  "Risk Assessment to the Rescue" Providence Business News - Aug. 29 - Sept. 4, 2005
  "Then There Was One" Best's Review - August 2005
  "Risk Management: A Holistic Approach" Bank Director - October 2003
  "The Future is Now: Planning Strategy and Reporting Results" Liberty Directions - February 1998

  Exposure Identification Presentation to URMIA 10-3-12 updated 10-11-12
  WK Austin panelist on "Emerging risks from Alien Tort Statute at Fordham Law School, October 22, 2011"
Operational Risk Management - More than an Insurance Policy - State of RI Accountants and Auditors Institute Annual Meeting - October 1, 2008
  URMIA Presentation: Construction & Contractor's Insurance April 12, 2007
  Risk Management MRIMS March 11, 2004

Press Releases
Society of CIC Honors Stanovich for Twenty Years of Leadership
A&S Risk Assist 11/21/08
  A&S and Wrap - Strategies to Provide Joint Risk Management Consulting Services 8/30/07
  William K. Austin to Judge Business Insurance 2007 "Risk Manager of the Year" 2/27/07
  A&S Announces Consulting Services for Insurance Agents & Brokers 10/18/04

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