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  Risk Management
Assist individuals responsible for risk management and purchase of insurance for their organizations.|
  Litigation Support
Provide consultancy and expert witness expertise for litigation related to risk management and insurance.
  Agents and Brokers
Provide technical services, not insurance sales, to agents and brokers in their pursuit of excellent client service.
  Personal Risk Assist
A special insurance consulting service designed by Austin & Stanovich for high net worth individuals.
Privacy Statement

At Austin & Stanovich Risk Managers LLC, we understand how important privacy is to our clients--past, present and future. We do not share private or nonpublic information of any client unless such disclosure is with specific permission of the client and as part of our contracted services to our client during usual interaction with vendors of risk management services.

When you retain Austin & Stanovich Risk Managers LLC there will be times we will need access to client information. Therefore it is our policy to:

collect only information necessary or relevant to our business relationship with you,
  make a reasonable effort to ensure that the information we use is accurate, timely and complete,
  make private information available to others only in response to legitimate business needs, and
  restrict access to private information only to those vendors who have a business reason to know such information.
  A confidentiality agreement can be used with Austin & Stanovich when deemed appropriate by a client.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our privacy policy. We can be reached by telephone at 888-540-7604 or by email at info@austinstanovich.com.

Austin & Stanovich Risk Managers LLC


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