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  Risk Management
Assist individuals responsible for risk management and purchase of insurance for their organizations.|
  Litigation Support
Provide consultancy and expert witness expertise for litigation related to risk management and insurance.
  Agents and Brokers
Provide technical services, not insurance sales, to agents and brokers in their pursuit of excellent client service.
  Personal Risk Assist
A special insurance consulting service designed by Austin & Stanovich for high net worth individuals.

Do you need the services of Austin & Stanovich?

If you answer "Yes" to any of the following questions, it is time to engage the services of Austin & Stanovich Risk Managers LLC to help you regain control of your risk management and insurance program.

Have you decided that risk management is a valuable strategic process, but are not sure where to start?
  Do you simply buy insurance and call it risk management?
  Do you need to gain control of your risk and insurance costs?
  Would you benefit from an objective, independent review of your risk and insurance program?
  Are you planning to seek competitive bids for your insurance and not sure how to do the process efficiently?
  Do you need an orderly and timely approach to consider alternatives to your present risk and insurance program?
  Are you finding it difficult to obtain insurance coverage and handle risk?
  Has your organization undergone changes that may require a fresh, objective evaluation of risk and the protection you need?
  Are your risk and insurance costs higher than your competitors?

Austin & Stanovich's services include...

Identify, analyze and evaluate the potential risks confronting a client.
  Analyze client's insurance program, identifying coverage gaps and overlaps and assessing overall cost effectiveness.
  Evaluate client's insurance program limits, retentions, and overall structure, including creating alternative forms of loss funding.
  Manage client's insurance renewal process, including the creation of insurance bid specifications and evaluation of proposals.
  Analyze client's contract and agreements to identify and evaluate risk implications and insurance requirements.
  Perform risk management due diligence for client's merger, acquisition and divestiture activities.
  Aid in formulating a strategic risk management plan consistent with senior management's long-term objectives.
  Determine client's optimal risk management department staffing and structure.
  Assist in evaluating client's risk control program.
  Develop practical customized insurance and risk management educational seminars.

A&S Values

Our most important objective is to clearly understand the needs of our client.
  We practice active listening to understand the needs of our client.
  We see risk management as a continuous process with both short-term and long-term objectives.
  Risk management objectives can only be achieved through a coordinated team effort.
  We seek to build teams by creating "win-win" opportunities for all parties.
  We manage risk by effectively managing people, activities, teams and relationships.

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